Safety Training

Safety Training
Weekly on Saturday and Sunday until June 11, 2023
Event registration ended at 19.05.2023 .


CASI Training Information


Training to be certified with the Canada Safety Council  (CSC) ATV / SxS Rider Training and to become ride leaders for ATV or Ranger Clubs that ride on Mosaic lands.


Riders before attending must complete an ATV safety course

( ) and have completed the

registration with CSC. ( ) When filling out the form with CSC where it asks recommend by, please enter Rod Armstrong. 


Time - 10:00 am 

Instructor - Rod Armstrong


Course Information
The Canadian AQCC Safety Institute (CASI) ATV Rider Course provides hands-on training, with emphasis on the safety implications relating to each lesson.

Students will learn basic techniques for riding an all-terrain vehicle responsibly. The lessons include starting and stopping, quick turns, hill riding, emergency stopping and swerving; and riding over obstacles; as well as specific requirements for classes attended by children under the age of 16.

This course will increase your safety awareness and skills, identify your abilities and your ATV’s capabilities, and introduce strategies to identify and manage risks.

Course Outline:
Introduction to Safety Awareness
Loading and Unloading Machines
Preparing to Ride
Getting Familiar With Your ATV
Starting Your ATV
How to Ride
Quick Stops and Swerving
Riding Strategies
Riding Over Obstacles
Riding On Hills
Safe Riding Practices

What We Provide:

Training which provides students with quality, Atv Institute certified instruction. We teach using a mix of theory and practice to allow students to acquire new skills and test them in a safe and controlled environment.

Hi-Vis Vests will be provided for the course.

What Do You Need?

Prior to every course, students will be given a study manual and course overview.

Students must come to the course equipped with the following:
Participants are expected to provide their own mechanically sound ATV
PPE/Personal Protective Equipment (safety glasses, gloves and appropriate footwear such as steel-toe boots, or hiking boots).
All-weather clothing.
Food and drinks for breaks and lunch.

Each student receives:
ATV RiderCourse Workbook
Each student who successfully completes the course will receive:
Student Certificate of Completion (CASI) & Decal

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